Butt Fusion Machines


   ERBACH Kunststoff- und Schweißtechnik GmbH manufactures and supplies machines under brand ERBACH for butt welding of pipes made of polyethylene (PE, HDPE), polypropylene (PP) and polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF).  

ERBACH welding devices have different variants of automation:
- hydraulic machines with manual operation
- hydraulic machines with protocolling unit (data logger) which is also providing assistance for a manual operation
- CNC hydraulic welding machines providing high level of automation
- full-automatic butt-welding machines 

Mechanical apparatus
for welding Ø 50-160 mm pipes


Field hydraulic machines
for welding Ø 50-1600 mm pipes


Workshop hydraulic machines
for welding Ø 90-1600 mm fittings

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All Erbach hydraulic machines can be connected with Erbach support and protocolling unit and, therefore, transferred into welding equipment with higher degree of automation.




All types of ERBACH field hydraulic machines are accompanied by support programs/ including most popular Erbach® Fusion Calculator  

The program already contains the main welding standards applied around the world.


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