EERBACH machines and software is designed to make our customer's work more efficient. One of our developments is an innovative free app calculator Erbach® welder. This is a new program created by experts Erbach Kunststoff- und Schweißtechnik GmbH to help those who weld polyethylene pipes.

Erbach® calculator reckons the parameters for fusion of plastic (PE, HDPE, PP, PVDF) pipes. It replaces paper "fusion charts". The application is free, it is checked, protected from viruses or hidden features and available in GooglePlay и AppStore.

Erbach® fusion calculator is created to help professionals who welded pipes made of polyethylene (PE / HDPE).

More about calculator welder Erbach®:

Use of Erbach® fusion calculator allows to leave in the past the use of "paper welding charts." Now you will be able to calculate all the welding parameters in the professional program directly on your phone or tablet.

In contrast to the "welding charts", Erbach® fusion calculator makes figuring out directly based on the drag pressure (breakaway pressure).

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Before the start of fusion procedure the welder simply enter into Erbach® calculator the diameter, SDR of welded pipes pipes and actual drag (breakaway) pressure. The program will immediately calculate the required fusion parameters:

  • the size of the primary bead
  • pipe heat-up time
  • maximum allowed changeover time
  • maximum allowed pressure build-up time
  • fusion pressure and time 
  • cooling time for welded joint

The program allows you to calculate the parameters of welding of polyethylene pipes for the most reliable standards as:

  • DVS 2207-1 
  • ISO 21307:2011 Single Low Pressure
  • ISO 21307:2011 Dual Low Pressure
  • ISO 21307:2011 Single High Pressure

Convenient timer specially built-in the program for controlling time of the heating and cooling during the fusion process.


Erbach® Fusion Calculator for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone)   Erbach® Fusion Calculator for Android devices


For those welders who do not know their fusion apparatus cylinders cross section area in the program is added special option "Define cylinders cross sectional area." Erbach fusion Calculator - a handy assistant when working on welding of pressure pipes made of polyethylene (PE / HDPE).