Pipe Fusion Machines


Erbach Kunststoff- und Schweißtechnik GmbH offers apparatuses of the ERBACH brand, which are suitable for welding PE and PP pipes with any wall width. With our equipment, the welding of pressurized water system and gas supply pipes as well as pipes for sewage and drainage are possible in manual and automatic working procedures. In order to accurately record the welding parameters, the devices are equipped with Erbach protocolling systems, which can be used to perform ISO-compliant logging with fault monitoring and welding process control.


  • We develop and supply equipment for construction sites and for the production of segment fittings (elbows, tees) in workshops. The ERBACH machines for the production of fittings are also supplemented with ERBACH band saws.
  • The entire ERBACH production meets the highest quality requirements, reliability and service life.


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