Electrofusion apparatus

The Erbach electrofusion welding apparatus belong to the latest generation of machines for welding pipes and moldings of all types and dimensions. Our devices have been manufactured by the latest technologies and are fully developed and manufactured in Germany.



Electrofusion apparatus ERBACH H
for pipes and fittings Ø 20-800 mm


Electrofusion apparatus ERBACH HM
for pipes and fittings Ø 20-1200 mm

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 ERBACH electrofusion apparatus meet the standard specifications of the DVS 2208-1 as well as ISO-12176-2 and have many important functions such as Protocolling, SmartFuse system and component tracking.
In addition to the bar code input by reading or automatic detection using the SmartFuse system, the manual input of the fitting code is possible (if the code is not readable or dirty), as well as the manual input of the welding parameters.
For all Erbach welding machines, electroformed parts with a diameter from 20 mm up to 800 mm or even up to 1600 mm (depending on the model) can be used without restriction.
Each device has a 4-line, illuminated display, as well as an automatic operation in several languages. It is also possible to store all welding parameters (approx. 1000 protocols) and the possibility of logging via USB stick as PDF or CSV file. The possible operating temperature ranges from -10 ° C to + 50 ° C.
By automatically compensating for fluctuating input voltages, frequencies, ambient temperature and constant monitoring of all functions with optical and acoustic fault indication, our machines deliver perfect welding results to pleasant working conditions.

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